Dustin + Kyle

This is a wedding that is so dear to me. It is not recent but I wanted to put it on my blog because it was just so wonderful and I love this couple so much. Dustin and Kyle picked me for their wedding in 2014 (yes so long ago!!!) and I remember I was so nervous when I met with Kyle over coffee. I for sure thought I blew it because I can get pretty awkward when I am nervous and I wanted him to pick me so bad! I knew their wedding was going to be great... great couple, great venue .. everything. I was so happy to hear from Kyle really soon after, I think it was the next day, that they wanted to hire me and they were ready to put down their retainer and schedule an engagement session too! After the engagement session I was really excited because this couple nailed it - they are so in love and it just really showed in the photos and we got along really well. I was right and the wedding was AMAZING too! Their friends and family were so loving and happy, the decor was beautiful, the ceremony was perfect and they had little macarons at each place setting with their initials - they left out ZERO details. The wedding was just full of so much love and positive energy on top of the amazing decor! They were a joy to photograph and everyone really had fun with it. Kyle and I became friends on facebook after the wedding was over and now even years later when he does his Christmas home tours (they love to decorate for Christmas) I can see SO MANY of these and the engagement photos on their walls in almost every room of their beautiful home. That makes me so happy, I can't even describe it. I am so thankful that I can provide this for my clients - photos they can love forever. Thank you Kyle and Dustin for picking me and I will always wish you love and all the happiness in the world!