My best friend's wedding!

You really aren't supposed to photograph your friend's wedding for lots of reasons but my friend Angela really wanted me to be the photographer for her and Aaron's wedding. I couldn't say no! I was only "booked" for 4 hours to capture the ceremony and portraits after but of course I took photos of the other stuff too ... I couldn't help it! Ultimately, I am so happy she wanted me and no one else. I loved capturing their day. I had a lot of fun even though I was working for part of it and we took some beautiful photos that she tells me over and over again how much she loves and cherishes them.

Aaron and Angela met at Numbers nightclub (on Industrial night) just down the street from the venue in 2012 and Aaron proposed to Angela at the Depeche Mode concert on September 18th 2013 - during Enjoy the Silence!

She chose the beautifully whimsical and historic Avant Garden as the venue and it absolutely fit their personalities! Avant Garden is over 100 years old and is a wedding venue when its rented out as well as nightclub/bar on the other nights. Taco Truck included!

I shot this wedding almost 6 years ago now and I have never blogged it but it has always and will always be one of my favorites.

This is an overshare for sure but these are my favorites from the day!