Michelle emailed me looking for a photographer for her engagement and wedding photos. She told me they were having their wedding at Chapel Dulcinea, in Driftwood, right outside of Austin in February, just a couple months away.... I called her back immediately because 1 LOVE the small weddings at Chapel Dulcinea. It might be my favorite venue in the Austin area for small weddings and elopements. Since they only had a little over 2 months before the wedding to do the engagement photos and everyone has a full schedule during December, plus we had a lot of rainy days, so we took the photos as soon as we could. It ended up being a pretty cold and overcast day just a couple days after Christmas, but since it was winter in the hill country we just went with it.  At least it wasn't raining!  The location is Butler Park right outside of downtown Austin, TX ... with a great city skyline backdrop.  Check my blog for the wedding!